To enrich lives and improve the world by reviving and deepening people's connection to themselves, to others, and to the world around them.



Our mission is to promote and facilitate deeper, more meaningful connection by providing simple, practical, and effective strategies for individuals and organizations. 



Connection - It's all about connection. All of life began and continues to be interconnected. We value the universal creative force that is behind it's unfolding.


Love - At the core of who we are and all that we do is Love. We hold a deep reverence for life in all of it's facets and manifestations.


Simplicity - We seek to emulate the natural flow of life by making the complicated simple and following the path of least resistance.


Creativity - We value creativity in our work as being a reflection of the divine.


Service - We seek to serve by adopting a deep commitment to others in all that we do.


Our Philosophy