the mentoring relationship


Professional mentoring is a relations based model that utilizes the best practices of coaching while incorporating the power of deep human connection and empathy. Mentoring, unlike most coaching, facilitates transformational change not simply functional change. Mentoring promotes self discovery, reflection, action, learning, and connection. A Mentor provides personal and professional support while simultaneously challenging cognitive constructs and limiting beliefs that keep individuals, leaders, and organizations stuck.


Mentoring is typically more personal than a traditional coaching program and is designed for more intimate types of sessions. Mentoring encourages an individual to realize their hidden potential. Through mentoring, self worth and inner peace are valued as well as a deep understanding and open minded view of the world. 


Some descriptive terms that have been used throughout history to describe mentoring include; trusted advisor, wise counsel, teacher, advisor, master, guide, or preceptor.


Mentoring is a proven and effective method for realizing profound and permanent change.


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