individual program


Learning how to connect is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, to others, and to the world around you. It is the the conduit that allows you to access your true power, to gain clarity of purpose, to contribute meaningfully, to better relate to others, and to be happy. 


Philosophers, sages, shamans, spiritual teachers, and prophets throughout the history have all been guides on the path to greater connection. Why, because they know the transformative power that connection holds. 


As your mentor and guide, I will help you develop and follow your own unique program. Utilizing proven methods in the areas of self-awareness, mindfulness, attention training, emotional and spiritual intelligence, you will cultivate a new way of being. You will learn how to be more present in everyday life and reap the rewards of deepening your connection. 



The cost of individual mentoring is established on a per client bases depending on your level of need and the duration of service. We will discuss and negotiate terms prior to developing your program. My hourly rate averages $75.00 per hour for one-on-one mentoring. 


Connect with me discuss your personal goals and program rates.