Empty Room Meditation

Sitting quietly, noticing your thoughts, emptying your room (your internal room) of all of the clutter that consumes the space is a very calming and powerful exercise. When you can sit quietly and still, you return to a state of equanimity. Your body begins to relax into its natural rythmn. You regain your internal equalibrium. You create space for new ideas, new solutions, and inspiration to emerge. This is a very useful skill to have as a leader and in dealing with stressful situations. 



  • Find a time and place where you can sit quietly in a room.
  • Close your eyes and let your breathe settle into a deep calm rythmn.
  • Notice the thoughts racing through your mind.  It might be things on your "to-do" list, or about an appointment coming up, the problem that you are trying to solve. Just notice the thoughts. 
  • Feel your body begin to calm down, settle in, get still. Notice how wonderful it feels to be calm and still.
  • Now, imagine your mind as a room. You are going to empty that room of all of the thoughts, the "to-do's", the "I should be's", etc. Just empty the room.
  • Sit quietly in this empty room. Notice the stillness, the peacefulness. Savor the emptiness.
  • Practice this meditation regularly until you are able to go to this empty room any time and anywhere you'd like.


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